The 10 Things You Need For An Awesome Blog Post

How to get traffic to your blog by writing awesome content. Follow these tips for new bloggers on what you should include in your blog post to generate traffic.

Writing A Killer Post

To get traffic to your blog and to get that traffic to come back you need to write great content.

Writing the perfect blog post isn’t easy. There’s a lot to remember and it can get overwhelming. There are certain things that you need to include but it can be difficult to do this in an organic way without disrupting the flow of your post.

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You need to choose a topic that your audience will want to read. You are here to  answer their questions and solve their problems. So think about what they need help with.

Make sure you research your topic in advance and don’t forget to link to any sources. I like to write a brief outline of my post before I start, so I can refer to it as I write.

Once you have your topic and post outline,  including these 10 elements will get you well on your way to an awesome blog post.

A Catchy Title

 Your title is the the first thing people see. It is the deciding factor as to whether they click through to read your post or not. A good title should contain your keyword, not be too long. It should be informative and grab your readers attention.
Your title should make people curious and want to read more. It should promise value but never be misleading. Your title should always be true to the content of your post.
You can use 

A Feature Image

This will be the main preview image for your post. I use a Facebook sized image from the template in Canva and use this when I promote my post on social media. There are many sites where paid and stock images can be found. 

A Topic Your Audience Will Love

Make sure that the topic of your post is relevant to your audience and contains valuable information and actionable tips. 
Try to avoid huge chunks of writing, break it up into smaller paragraphs. Use lists, bullet points, images and charts to make the information easier to digest. 
Try to aim for 1000 words as Google loves long articles.

Your post should:
  • Be engaging and friendly.
  • Be informative.
  • Be easy to read.
  • Solve a problem your audience may have.

Excellent SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important things you will do as a blogger. Good SEO will make your post visible on search engines like Google. Use this free tool to research your keywords, then strategically put them in these 7 places in your post.
  • Post title - include keyword within the first 60 characters.
  • In your posts headers.
  • In the main body of your post.
  • In your posts URL.
  • In the meta description for your post.
  • In your images alt text.

How to get traffic to your blog by writing awesome content. Follow these tips for new bloggers on what you should include in your blog post to generate traffic.

Affiliate Links

Include affiliate links in your post in a natural non spammy way. Make sure they are relevant to the subject matter and make sure you include a disclosure in your post. 

Internal Links

Don’t forget to link to your relevant posts. Incorporate the links organically during your posts. This encourages your readers to stay on your site for longer and means more pageviews for you. 
Internal linking will help google to crawl and index your site and help build page authority. It is also great for SEO as it helps spread the link juice. 

The Opportunity For Your Audience To Share Your Post

Always include social share buttons in your post, your readers will want to share your awesome content. Social Warfare is my favourite plugin for this. 
Don’t be afraid to ask your readers to share your content, what’s the worst that could happen?  The chances are if they love your post, they will share it. 

A Sign Up Form For Your Email List

Try to place a subscription for your email list in every blog post. 
Offer the reader an incentive for signing up to your list. This could be a mini ebook,  a printable, a cheat sheet or a checklist. 

A Pinterest Image

Always include an image optimised for Pinterest. When your readers pin from your site the image they use needs to be a vertical image suitable for Pinterest. It should feature text in an easy to read font and an eye catching image. 

A Call To Action

You should always end your post with a call to action. This tells the reader what they should do next. 
You can tell them to sign up to your email list, buy a product, or leave a comment. 
Just tell them whatever you want them to do.

I always have a checklist with me when I am writing a post to ensure I have included all of the key elements. 

I put a checklist together for you. You can download it below.

Blog Post Checklist

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Don’t forget to just be yourself and let your personality shine through. This will make it easier for your readers to connect with you and want to come back for more. 

Download my free guide for new bloggers.

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How to get traffic to your blog by writing awesome content. Follow these tips for new bloggers on what you should include in your blog post to generate traffic.

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